Thursday 15 April 2010

Dining with Friends

The day started with Anthony leaping out of bed with far too much energy than is natural, and a flurry of activity as he planned out our day with tasks allocated to each of us so that we could get everything done before meeting up with Tracey and Jonathan later in the day.

After another stunning breakfast – gotta LOVE that fresh fruit, and a good chat with Mary at hotel reception, we set about our activities: Anthony starting off with what he loves best…yes, that’s right, laundry; and Kat doing what she loves best…yes, shopping! We also managed to get Trusty into a bike shop for a bit of R&R to rid him of his creaky back wheel: big thanks to Dan at A Bicycle Odyssey. A bit of peace and quiet for us now as we cycle along (and no more drrrr click in the background when helmet cam is doing his stuff).

A bit of route planning, accommodation booking and general admin later, and we were ready to go out and see the sights of SF with Tracey and her 7-month old cutie baby girl, Sommerset. After a spin round the Presidio, we chilled out in the sunshine with a coffee and cupcake at a little cafĂ© on the beach right next to the Golden Gate bridge. A quick trip to a couple of stores for a few essential items, and a lovely drive through some of the stylish SF neighbourhoods, with Anthony sitting in the back entertaining Sommerset and having her in fits of laughter with his “The Giraffe Show, Feat. Mr Cow”, and we were at Tracey and Jon’s beautiful home for dinner, and one of the loveliest evenings we have had on our trip. Thanks guys for a wonderful afternoon/evening, big kiss to Sommerset, a scratch behind the ears for Ledley, the Swiss Mountain Dog, and lots of luck to Tracey for her forthcoming Ironman triathlon in Utah!!

Back on the bikes tomorrow…

Us x

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  1. Little did they know that an invitation for dinner in San Francisco would involve THEM having to cook! That's right folks, we invite Kat and Ant for dinner and THEY ended up cooking an amazing gourmet meal of chorizo risotto and crispy garlic bread to die for...

    On top of that, they had to entertain our fussy 7 month old Somerset the whole time- thank goodness for Ant's giraffe puppet routine. If the financial consulting gig doesn't work out for you...

    And to top it off, Ant had to endure hanging out with a Tottenham fan the day after Arsenal lost to them for the first time in 11 years. GO SPURS! (Yes, GO SPURS just made an indelible mark on your blog. Twice.)

    So, not exactly a relaxing day off - I fear we did not leave them as rested and refreshed as they would have liked!

    Thanks for taking time out of your amazing trip to spend it with us- we had such a lovely time. We'll look forward to following the rest of your adventure and living vicariously through you - and hopefully joining you on your next two wheeled journey!

    Happy tailwinds!

    Tracey, Jonathan, Somerset and Ledley