Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Perfect Pies in Pismo Beach

Today, we decided that we would defer all of the usual rest day admin that we had to do until this evening so that we would maximise the chances of making it down to the beach for our first dip in the Pacific Ocean. After waking up late, and getting caught up by a particularly gripping episode of Cold Case (complete with groovy 80s tunes), it was touch and go. But, we pointed our shades in the general direction of the ocean, and eventually we were off…

It was cold. Damn cold. The sort of cold that felt like an iron vice gripping around your calves and tightening as the waves encircled your feet and lower legs. But we persevered. We Brits are made of sterling stuff when it comes to swimming in the sea/ocean. The trouble was that it didn’t really get that deep. So, after throwing ourselves a few times into water that was less than waist deep, taking several sharp intakes of breath, and pulling a few faces, we decided to call it a day, and read our books on the beach for a while before returning to base.

For lunch, we went to the resort restaurant, Marie Callenders, famous for its pies. After a measly salad each, we both tucked into a large slice of pie (lemon meringue for Anthony, fresh strawberry for Kat). Gorge! We were back there again tonight for supper and must mention the manager, a lovely lady who was very interested in our trip.

On the road again tomorrow bound for Cambria.

Us x

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