Saturday 3 April 2010

Ventura Adventures

The day started with another wonderfully healthy breakfast courtesy of Pat & Chava, as we started the process of packing our panniers and preparing to get back on the road. The bubblegum vodkas from the night before had, however, left their mark, and it wasn’t exactly an early start. Pat kindly drove us out to the PCH for us to start our ride, and we eventually hit the road around mid-afternoon, with a 40-mile ride ahead of us up the coast to Ventura.

The scenery was stunning! The road was slap bang next to the Ocean, and between the waves and rocks on one side, and the beautiful colourful wildflowers on the other, it was an amazing experience for the senses. We were pleased to have helmet cam fully up and running (check out video footage in the gallery) so that we could capture a bit more than is usually possible! We were also thrilled to see a whale in the Ocean as we cycled by, spraying water through its blow-hole …honestly, it’s true, though we didn’t manage to catch this on helmet cam or our camera.

It was a fairly straightforward ride, with the usual headwind (we are resigned to this being our lot all the way up the West Coast), and we rolled into our hotel around 7pm, just as the sun was setting. We’re looking forward to a short ride tomorrow up to Santa Barbara.

Us x

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