Friday, 16 April 2010

It wasn’t our fault, San Andreas did it!

We’ve left San Francisco and are feeling quite sad. Our time spent in the Hotel and with our new-found friends was fantastic. Setting out late this morning and visiting the US Postal Service to send more stuff back to Anthony’s Dad, by the time we were on the road pedalling toward Point Reyes, it was 2:15pm. Fortunately the ride was a short 32 miles and we managed to arrive at our hotel just before 5:30pm. We ate perfectly prepared ½ roast chicken at the Station House Café and then retired back to our comfortable room, watching Criminal Minds on TV.

Did you know that the San Andreas Fault runs approximately 810 miles through California in the United States forming the tectonic boundary between the Pacific and North American plates. Interestingly enough it runs underwater through a trough just offshore from the Point Reyes Peninsula …we are literally on top of it …awesome!

So, we’ve completed about 5/8ths of the Californian PCH and are heading toward Oregon ahead of schedule, which is a blessing and burden at the same time. We’re heading north, which means colder weather and we don’t want to get too far north too early and face yet another bout of wearing winter cycling gear. However, we have to bear in mind that we plan on doing an additional 1,000 miles (after missing out the Grand Canyon tour) through and around Yellowstone National Park and aim to finish the trip in New York by end of September 2010. Our plan therefore, is to reduce our average daily mileage from 50+ to 30+ miles per day and hopefully by the time we get to Seattle the weather will be glorious. We’ll then up our average pace along the Northern Tier, where the winds will hopefully be in our favour.

Back on the coast tomorrow.

FYI - TMG aka MG&T, two of our VIP Followers are still with us. It’s just that their ‘Busy Tachometer’ has been redlining at 20,000 rpm of late.

Us x

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  1. Yes, yes, we are still here under a layer of volcanic ash. Have been out tonight with - guess who - a visitor from Bangkok who finds himself stuck in the UK - yes, it's Squid. He sends big love to both of you, so do we. We also ate lots tonight, Squid had the Old Gloucester Spot, I had the sea bream and Tim had the roast lamb, all courtesy of Wapping Food. Missing you both but raising a glass to you. Guess what the Squidster brought round? An identical bottle of Ruinart to the one sitting on top of our fridge waiting for your triumphant return. Cheers!

    Love MG&T plus Gideon aka Squid