Friday, 2 April 2010

Just another day in Paradise

Thanks Pat and Chava for being great hosts. We have so much to say but unfortunately this is a PG rated blog and not the XXX one Anthony would like it to be, so let’s keep this short and clean.

A huge wet versatile tongue licking vigorously about our person woke us up. “…Madison get out” we both said as we wiped dog saliva off our brow.

After showering and eating a wonderfully healthy breakfast (TMG will be pleased to hear we’re now on Soya Milk and Rice Tortillas) we lounged around all-day and relaxed. As the evening beckoned we were taken out to a happening LA joint where we met Tod and Richard (great guys), drank bubble gum vodka shots and ate sliders until the early hours of 2am.

For those who are interested in the XXX rated version, the following text is written in special font, legible only by those who have a deviant mind. “


Us x

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