Sunday, 18 April 2010

From Russia with Love

So we started today’s idyllic ride from our very unreasonably priced Bed & Br… in Jenner, situated at the mouth of the Russian River. Unfortunately Helena, last night’s studious chef, was not on duty for this morning’s breakfast! If it could be called “breakfast”? Subdued by the knowledge that today’s ride started off with over 1,000ft of very steep hill climbing, we were hopeful that this morning’s breakfast would supply us with the necessary fuel to ascend these dizzy heights quickly and easily. We were shown to our table and presented with coffee, a very small half cooked waffle segment and a quarter sector of one slice of orange, melon and strawberry. We inhaled our starter! and waited patiently for the main breakfast course …and waited …and waited …and waited ………. “OK where’s our god damn breakfast?” The second course didn’t arrive, as it didn’t exist. We left the dining room with our tails between our legs and seriously pissed off with our ‘Bed & nonexistent Breakfast”.

With stomachs empty, we set out past the mouth of the Russian River and toward Fort Ross (Форт-Росс), a former Russian establishment in what is now Sonoma County. We know we keep saying that we have cycled the most beautiful part of the Pacific Coast, but seriously this stage was the most beautiful yet …apparently the Oregon coast is even more stunning …we can’t wait.

Starting to feel a bit peckish and with all our Waffle now converted into waste product, we arrived in Timber Cove which fortunately for us had a fantastic restaurant with breathtaking views over the ocean. Needless to say, we scoffed ourselves stupid and had far too many chips! Feeling a lot better after lunch, and admiring all the wonderful flowers growing wild on the side of the road that one would normally spend a fortune for in a chic flower shop, we cycled toward Gualala (your pronunciation is as good as ours) with a smile on our faces and with Helmet Cam rolling (check out the Gallery)

The day got better when we arrived at the Breakers Inn and got upgraded to an ocean view room, which was truly awesome dude. Basking in the beauty of our ‘room with a view’ we decided to eat in tonight. We walked over to the local supermarket, bought some cheese and pate and wine and had a very civilised dinner on the raised deck.

Happy Birthday Mum (Anthony’s mum) still missin’ you.

Us x

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