Saturday, 10 April 2010

Are You Feeling Lucky

T’was a short ride of 28 miles averaging a very respectable 12.5 mph and spinning at a rate of 60 rpm (cadence). The ride into Clint Eastward territory (Carmel) was very pleasant and free from cycling difficulties.

We have realised that photos (and videos) speak louder than words and in response to recent requests for more smells and tastes, we have a little surprise for you …check out our picture and video library tomorrow.

Unable to execute the normal laundry activities since we left Pat and Chava in LA, upon arrival at our hotel this afternoon the first and immediate job was to locate a Laundromat and wash a whole heap of smelly clothes. Once completed, we then found a great Italian restaurant and ate very well indeed.

Sorry for the short blog, we’re hoping that our pictures will speak a thousand words

Us x

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