Monday, 26 April 2010

Trinidad & Fajitas to go!

We knew it was going to be a short ride today from Eureka through Trinidad and into Orick. After quick counsel from the weather channel and a cursory glance at the elevation charts, we felt a little happier that evil ‘Edwin would not be joining us today and compared to recent rides our route would be relatively flat (only 2,200ft of climbing). There was of course one ‘element’ due to make a scheduled appearance at 4pm, but we were determined not to let the rainy day on Monday get us down.

‘Displacing’ ourselves from our room at 11.10am we were spiralling through the streets of Eureka enjoying the sun whilst it lasted and making best use of the wind as it pushed us along our way. Better still, the first 25 miles of the ride into Trinidad was 75% cycle paths along the coast and deserted roads with very wide shoulders and silky smooth road surfaces. So smooth, in fact, that at one point we hit a section of ‘loose gravel’ cycle path that surprisingly got Kat very excited; apparently she liked the Mountain Biking for beginners feeling …maybe our next trip will be riding through and not around the Grand Canyon.

By the time we got to Trinidad, CA it was time for lunch and as luck would have it we found The Best Little Coffee House in California, the Beachcomber Café. Run by Melissa, Alice and Jackie, a hilariously funny group of women who are obviously enjoying life, we had the best cups of coffee and chocolate cookies we have had in all of America. Feeling very satisfied and entertained, we eventually dragged ourselves away and out of the café. As soon as we left and got ready to cycle the remaining 20 miles into Orick, the rain came and stayed with us all the way to the hotel. Despite the rain, we still had a good time and for the first time in many weeks had Mexican to eat tonight.

We don’t have an internet connection tonight, so you’ll be ready this a day late …apologies.

Us x

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