Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Strawberry Fields ...forever!

The United Sates of America. Now that’s an interesting expression. Why do we call the states of America “United”? Yeah, we know the history, the American Revolution and the Constitution of the United States formalized in 1788, but where does all that leave us now? We’ve only been through 15 of the so-called ‘united’ states, but are already exhibiting a love/hate relationship with this place. Let’s be honest, this glorious land is not truly united? Maybe in the legal sense when the federal government decides to demonstrate its power and authority, but apart from that, each state is a different country, each for its own. How did we come to this conclusion? You may well ask. Amongst other things, the massively varying standard of available food brings us to this conclusion. We jested a few days ago about how all US citizens should be moved to the coastline for the sole purpose of eliminating obesity. Well guys, there maybe some truth behind this crazy idea. Yesterday, we cycled from the coastal city of Santa Barbara to Lompoc, which can’t be more than 10 miles from the coast. Where Santa B was full of fresh food and healthy eating establishments, Lompoc was full of your fast food usual suspects, all packed into 2-blocks. With fried food no longer being an option for us (Thanks Pat) we walked ½ mile to the one and only non-fried food restaurant in the village. Now we’re here in Pismo Beach, back on the coast …and guess what? We ate in a restaurant with a menu packed full of fresh and non-fried food choices. Can someone tell us if it is written in the Constitution that all Counties or States more that 5 miles from the coast must be ‘united’ in eating fried food? Phew! You can see its not just Trusty and Steed whose gears are being grinded.

Getting back to the details of today’s ride, we plodded along realising that it would be a waste of energy fighting against the very strong and gusty head wind. There were times when we wished we had scratch ‘n’ sniff photos for your pleasure. Particularly when we cycled through a region that farmed gazillions of strawberries …the fragrance was to die for. Another thing that struck us was the number of Tourers we met along the ride. At one end of the spectrum was Alain Zwahlen from Switzerland who is 1/3 of the way through his 37,000-mile cycle tour around the Americas. And at the other end, a father a son team, embarking on a 250- mile cycle trip, with their wife/mum following behind in the car carrying all their stuff.

However, the most important fact of the day is Helmet Cam. It is now working and we made a little movie. Check it out in the photo gallery.

The hotel is great, with yummy food and spectacular views. We’re having a rest day tomorrow.

Us x

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