Thursday, 29 April 2010

Coffee, Chocolate & Glassblowing

They call this place the Rain Coast…no kidding. We can see why. It rained again today, but we love it here anyway!

The morning started with us trying to make up for the calorie deficit we suffered yesterday. We woke up feeling starving, and immediately consumed 2 bowls of cereal each (actually, Anthony had 3), plus multiple bagels, juice, coffee etc. The feeding frenzy was interrupted, in a good way, by Debbie, the manager of the hotel, and her client, David (she also deals in real estate). You’re not going to believe this, followers, but David used to live in Crouch End, just round the corner from our house in London. We didn’t have to do the usual “it’s near Hampstead Heath” routine, and it made us feel quite homesick to talk about our view of Alexandra Palace. Still, we can’t complain about the views today (see photos).

After waddling back to our room, and before setting off for the day, we watched the Today show on NBC with Kathy & Hoda. We were waiting to see the cookery slot: our friend Susan from Fort Bragg was in the studio to support her friend, a restaurant owner from Louisville who was cooking dishes that she will serve for the Kentucky Derby this weekend. Susan had done all the cooking prep for the show, and we can say that the mornay sauce and dessert looked lovely. Good work Susan! Hope you get a chance to have a mint julep this weekend in celebration.

Well fed and watered, we eventually departed on our 60-mile ride from Gold Beach to Bandon, OR. We started by twisting round a beautiful and rolling river valley, and then spent the rest of the day hugging the coast, and trying not to stop every 5 minutes to admire the view. Still feeling rather peckish, we stopped for fish & chips at a place called The Crazy Norwegians in Port Orford. Yummy! And we also bumped into a group of 6 gals and 1 guy on their bikes travelling south. It looked like they were having a lot of fun…

On our last leg of the day, we passed so many outlets offering coffee, chocolates and glassblowing that we decided it must be some sort of magical combination that we should really try. We’ll keep you posted.

We have a rest day here tomorrow in Bandon, and a coffee shop next door.

Us x

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