Friday, 30 April 2010

…here’s the 411, hun!

Bandon, OR is a cute little place and has been a perfect location for a rest day. However, we don’t really want to bore you with yet more of the ‘rest day’ antics such as doing laundry, watching TV, planning routes, bike maintenance and eating in great restaurants …so we won’t! Instead let us update you with some interesting facts and figures:

Favourite State so far: Florida (Kat) / New Mexico (Anthony)

Days: 124 cycling / 187 total / 63 rest

Set of tyres: 10

Spokes broken: 2

Fallen off bikes: 4

Time in saddle: 545 hours, 20 minutes and 35 seconds

Elevation gain: 221,815 ft

Average speed: 12.8 mph

Average cadence: 58 rpm

Calories burnt: 502, 258 C

Worst destination: Andrews, SC (Kat) / Willcox, AZ (Anthony)

Worst moment: Riding through a tunnel in California (Kat) /Arse started bleeding in Texas (Anthony)

Best moment: Reaching Key West, FL (Kat) / Discovering Snickers Dark (Anthony)

Missing Most: Family and Friends

Not Missing: London Underground

State of relationship after 269,280 minutes in constant contact: Fair to Good

Us x

…also Badge (IT Support) would like to draw your attention to a website upgrade. You can now see all of our rides, stats and maps in glorious Technicolor. Simple click the 'Cycle Log' link under the “MAPS, STATS and PHOTOS” section, in the right hand side navigation bar.

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