Sunday, 21 March 2010

An Alpine Finish

We didn’t quite manage an Alpine Start this morning from the mountains of Jacumba, but we did finish the day in our second Alpine of the trip: Alpine, CA, just 30 miles or so East of San Diego (blog followers will recall that we had a great stay in Alpine, TX earlier in our adventure).

After a hearty, but not so healthy, breakfast of fried eggs and sausage patties, and lots of chat, we eventually rolled out of Jacumba around 11.45am this morning. We weren’t too concerned, as we knew that we only had a 45-mile ride, although that did include over 3,000ft of climbing… in 3rd gear again for Anthony. So, we took our time, and enjoyed the day, secretly (and selfishly) being rather chuffed that it was slightly overcast and we weren’t burning hot. We were also pleased to find ourselves descending for the last 8 miles of the ride, and to find that we will continue descending tomorrow into San Diego…yippeeee!

We met a whole bunch of great people today:

Todd & Jay: these guys are cycling from San Diego, CA to St Augustine, FL to support people with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, colorectal cancer and ostomies. Check out their blog (and see photo).

Jeff, Gregg and Kelly: we had a great chat with these guys over breakfast. Huge thanks to Jeff for the packs of Snacktrition Fruit & Nut mix – we started to eat them on our ride today and they were yummy, as well as super-healthy (Jeff is a friend of the founder of Snacktrition, Mike Mellace. We checked out the website tonight, and liked what we saw).

Marjorie at Pine Valley Java: the best coffee shop we have been to in some time. It is full of cyclists at the weekend since Pine Valley is a popular destination for day rides from San Diego. It reminded us of the rides we used to do to Nyack, NY when we lived in Manhattan, and the coffee shop we used to stop at there. Also, Kat is extremely excited that we are back in Latte territory again, after rather too long of a hiatus…

Jack and his buddy: we met these guys last night at our hotel…hilarious. They sped past us this morning on their way back to San Diego, shrieking and whistling at us for encouragement, and hanging their cans of beer out of the window…nuff said! We’re glad we didn’t meet them on a narrow section of road.

Tomorrow is a short roll downhill into San Diego, the Pacific Coast, and the last day of the Southern Tier!!!

Us x

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