Friday, 5 March 2010


Umm …Hi everyone, how was your day today? Ours was pretty bland. Just scorching hot weather as we headed south toward Bisbee filling time, as we’re no longer going to visit the Grand Canyon.

Tonight we’re staying in Willcox and will complete the 85 miles into Bisbee tomorrow.

…we’re really sorry guys but today was just a simple 45-mile cycle in the bright sunshine, on great roads surrounded by majestic mountains (see photo).

Us x

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  1. Yo Badgers

    Back from Geneva and other travels, out tonight with Pat, we liked Mr Wolf very much (especially Tim). Just wait til you see my new ad, we have decided to feature Mr Wolf, although we had to let him out of his glass box, pump him with adrenalin and let him run around. Oh, yes. My day was also bland but with a headache after one week spent living on recycled air (planes, trains, automobiles, hotels, etc). But chilled out tonight and looking forward to a big lie in tomorrow. Good luck with the 85 miles, will be thinking about you as we turn over under the duvet...

    Lots of lurve
    MG, T & P XXX