Thursday 11 March 2010

More Rest Vicar?

Today we give thanks! Thank you Thursday for being the day after Wednesday and bringing another day of rest to our weary bones and fatigued muscles; thank you Followers and Commentators for living the dream, doing good in the world and continuing to support us along our flight of fantasy; thank you Family members for being patient as your 40/39 year old children embark upon craziness you would have expected us to do during our terrible teens …better late than never we suppose; and thanks to Georgios Varnasidis the owner of Athens on 4th Avenue, a Greek restaurant in Tucson that serves the most authentic Greek food outside of Skiathos … cheese and prawn saganaki followed by chicken souvlaki: deeelicious.

By now, you will have already guessed that yesterday’s fun packed day has left us with little to do today but eat, laze around and be merry. It’s upsetting for us to write a blog without having anything interesting to say, so in an attempt to make this a little more interesting let us share a few of today’s activities:

(i) Kat shook the cobwebs off her itsy bitsy teenie weenie brown polka dot bikini and sunbathed in the walled garden, trying to fade-in some of the prominent suntan lines acquired from spending hours dressed in t-shirts and shorts riding a bike; (ii) Anthony shaved his head; (iii) we both read books; and (iv) we took a stroll down University Blvd and had coffee and cakes (and pizza) for lunch.

We start cycling again tomorrow; 75 miles into Florence, AZ.

Us x

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