Sunday, 7 March 2010

Resting in the 'Mile High' city

We’re no religious folk y’all understand (no offense intended), but today we observed Sunday as a day of well-needed rest and didn’t rush to get up out of bed. Cycling last night in the dark was pretty scary and we hope never to do that again.

It was lunchtime when we finally left the hotel room to have a quick tour of the town. First of all, we went to the local coffee house for a caffeine and pastry fix. Whilst there, we took advantage of the wifi signal and posted yesterday’s blog. We also met cyclists Lynda, Teresa and Tom, who looked very 'pro' in their team colours with their ultra-light racing bikes. Shortly afterwards, we took a stroll to the Bisbee Bike Brothel, had a chat with Ken the proprietor and bought some new gas canisters and inner tubes. Around 3pm, we visited the local Food Market & Café where we met Payton (we believe she’s the proprietor) who coincidentally had also toured the perimeter of the US, starting in New York and going clockwise, on a bike …Motorbike! Walking away with our purchased bottle of Jacobs Creek fizz, Rosemary & Olive bread, Chicken Liver paté and Fromager d’Affinois we got back to our hotel room happy and content.

Bisbee Arizona aka the “mile high city” is a bonanza of refreshing quirkiness. Very different from any place experienced to date, we’re pleased to have a rest day in a truly cosmopolitan city. Gone are the marketed personal experiences Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks et al and instead a plethora of local businesses line every street that more than adequately cater for your every gastronomic and artisan need.

We had an early dinner tonight and plan on getting an early night; we’re facing more headwinds and steep hill climbs tomorrow.

Us x

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  1. No Walmart - or in our case, Tesco - can that be right?! And they manage to survive or, by the sound of it, flourish! Maybe Sheringham could twin with Bisbee AZ as it sounds a great place to be! Sorry for the sarcasm, just to say the latest Tesco plans have been rejected and one for a green supermarket approved but Tesco going to appeal again so still no conclusion after 14 years of battling the giant. Hope the winds are with you today. Well done on 5000 miles! LOL SB xx