Thursday 4 March 2010

Pressing the Big Reset Button

Bliss! An early night last night, and a lie in this morning. We’re still feeling beaten up by the last few days, but this has helped towards our recovery in a big way. We had a great rest day here at the Olney House B&B in Safford, AZ, starting with a hearty breakfast and fascinating chat with Chris and Deborah, the owners, including many tales of high jinx in High Wycombe and its environs…

The “stay as far South as possible without crossing the Mexican border” approach to route planning was also implemented, and we now have a cunning plan to get us from here to San Diego. We will explore Southern Arizona, including travelling through Tombstone, Bisbee and Tucson, before we head back up to Phoenix, and join up with the ACA cycling maps again to take us into California, and on to the West Coast. Sounds like fun, and we’re demonstrating our faith in the weather by putting our cold weather gear to the bottom of our panniers, and dusting off the short sleeved tops, which have been screwed up in little balls in the bottom of our bags for a very long time now. Good news for the share price of U.S. sun-block manufacturers we think. Buy, buy, buy. (Add disclaimer statement here!)

Trusty & Steed have also had a proper wash and brush up, and are gleaming like dressage horses ready to do their criss-cross steps elegantly across the paddock. And we’ve made progress with finding a place for them to have their half-way “check-up” on the West Coast to make sure that all is in order.

For our Eat the Borderline fans, who may have thought that we had gone rather quiet recently, we should let you know that we had a fantastic Mexican meal tonight. Wonderful chicken fajitas cooked the proper way, washed down with a large Rita. And just you wait for tales from Bisbee and Tucson…we’ve already checked out the restaurants in the guidebooks that we found here at our B&B.

A relatively short hop tomorrow to break our journey to Bisbee. More then.

Us x

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