Monday, 22 March 2010

Stage 2 – Complete

You wouldn’t believe it but we have made it to San Diego. That’s right over 5,500 miles from New York to San Diego. We haven’t seen the Pacific yet but what the hell; we’re here and feel great after successfully cycling across the fattest part of Northern America and pretty much completing 2/3rds of the Atlantic Coast.

We won’t talk much about the ride today as it was insignificant in that all we had on our minds was seeing the sea and starting our Pacific Coast tour in a few days.

What is cool, though, is sitting just here chillin’ in the hotel, content in the knowledge that we have at least 3 rest days to recuperate and do absolutely nothing.

…one last thing! Trusty and Steed are being rebuilt tomorrow and Anthony’s going to search for a Helmetcam.

Us x


  1. Well done you two!!!!!!! Enjoy your much deserved/needed rest days. LOL SB, LtL and P xxxx

  2. Wow! Very very impressive...and here I thought you were just hanking my chain last year...I feel like a pansie!

    Bummed we missed you in of luck!

    Dan Wachtler

  3. Hey Dan,

    Great to see you on the site. We were gutted not to meet up with you and family whilst in PHX; but we really enjoyed Scottsdale nonetheless.

    For those of you who don't know Dan, 'Pansie' is not a name you would attribute to him ...a better word would be 'Adonis'.