Saturday, 13 March 2010

C’mon Lewis

Apparently there is a high chance that, like most of the 50 states in the USA, Arizona, with its high budget deficit could file for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy. The news reports are everywhere and to make things worse it’s alleged that party officials are so busy slinging mud at each other they have lost sight of how to run the state effectively and efficiently. Much like the rest of the world, Arizona has been confidently borrowing and spending with the belief that insurmountable debt is good, because if things get really bad the ‘Credit Fairy’ will turn up and wave her magic wand and make everything right again. Unfortunately, that magic credit fairy is currently on vacation, leaving the state of Arizona to think for itself and fix their debt crisis. Not that we’re complaining! As we pedalled the remaining 20 miles through Chandler, Tempe and into Paradise Valley, with the sun in our face and the wind on our backs, gliding along perfectly groomed tarmac arranged meticulously into 8ft wide cycle lanes, whilst we gazed upon the numerous crystal clear water fountains framing the entrances to each multimillion pound gated community and up-market Shopping Mall lining every street; we smiled and thought “what a lovely place this is”. It’s really not surprising there’s a mammoth budget deficit, even the road signs look as if they were commissioned to and designed by Philippe Starck …we love this place. We’ve published a couple of new photos on the site that show how decadent the bikes paths are!

Our Hotel is an example of coolness. Cheap but beautifully clean and managed by very professional staff, we’re stunned by how much is on offer for such a reasonable price. However, we have a slight problem with the building next door. Avalon Restaurant! It’s to die for, great food and wine, beautiful people and a great bar; they have even promised Anthony he can turn up at 8am tomorrow to watch the start of the Grand Prix …c’mon Lewis!

FYI the riding today was a perfect 60-mile flat ride into Scottsdale, AZ …just cruisin’ baby! Rest day tomorrow.

Us x


  1. Hi mate, hope you and Kat are enjoying your adventure. We all follow your blog daily and it sounds like a trully amazing experience. You'll be pleased to know we have sponsored your great cause at last and will continue to track your movements with jealousy!
    Hope all continues to go well and stay safe the pair of you. Looking forward to meeting Kat on your return. All our love Karl, Lynsey, Callum & Lydia

  2. What a lovely message... cheers dude. We were really happy to see your donation and will be even happier when you write back to us confirming you have booked a holiday on the West Coast and will be joining us for a couple days of cycling. We will be hitting the west coast in about 10 day, but there will be plenty of time to choose your preferred destination.