Saturday 27 March 2010

Happy Hour

RELAXING and CHALLENGING! When describing any sort of life experience, these are two words that wouldn’t normally sit side-by-side, yet we feel blessed knowing that we have been given this opportunity to relax in all that the USA has to offer, and simultaneously be challenged by the 8,000 miles of cycling that lie ahead of us over the next 7 months …wow, it’s so liberating!

Today, whilst Kat was out having her eyebrows and eyelashes spruced up by a professional beautician, Anthony was out on Trusty cruisin’ the local parks around San Diego Zoo looking for wild animals! Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Kat’s ‘Permanently Surprised’ look was complete and Anthony was called back from hunting on the plains of San Diego before any animal got hurt …apart from that irritating squirrel who tried to steal Anthony’s salty nuts!

Back in the hotel for 30 minutes and beginning to feel a little peckish, we headed back out to Whole Foods and purchased some chicken, leeks, bread and butter; and made …wait for it …chicken, leek and chorizo (two sausages left over from Wednesday) risotto accompanied with the most garlicky garlic bread. T’was a very fine meal indeed.

…hopefully you guys are not feeling jaded by our uninspiring recounts of the day! It won’t last long we promise; once back on the road the stories will improve. Saying that, a funny thing did happen today! We went to the hotel rooftop bar/restaurant for a quick drink before we started cooking. As we confidently stepped out of the lift/elevator that led into the vast banqueting room, we abruptly became aware that tonight was gay night. Kat must have been 1 of 3 girls in the company of 200 guys. Needless to say Anthony was getting a lot of attention. We mingled a bit but kept it brief, deciding that risotto back in our hotel room sounded more appetising.

Us x

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