Sunday, 28 March 2010

Westside Story

So this is it! We’re here on the West coast of America. Our 101st day of cycling: a truly seminal moment. Completing over 1½ million revolutions of our pedals to auto-magically get here.

“That’s all very well”, we hear you say, “but what have you learned? What sage thoughts or paths to enlightenment can you share with us?” Fortunately we believe we have solved the most important issue facing America today: Healthcare! No need to thank us now Obama. America spends trillions of dollars providing healthcare and municipal services for the millions of obese Americans every year. Our travels suggest to us that obesity in America tends to thrive in certain areas. One area where this doesn’t happen is on the coastline. So, by moving everyone to the coast, where the standard uniform for women is a bikini just large enough to cover three postage stamps and the male equivalent resembles a Hacky Sack stuffed with cotton wool and a brazil nut, the pressure to conform would be so great, everyone would stop eating chicken fried steak and processed food and start to appreciate the beauty of fresh fish and vegetables …problem solved, hook, line and sinker. Done! Thank you very much, drinks at the bar.

Today was just a short 40 mile-trip, but we’re beginning to realise that with the constant rolling hills (we ascended and descended 1,700ft today) and relentless prevailing NW wind, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is not going to be a cinch. However, the ‘West coast effect’ is truly magnificent, everything has a soft-sheen hue of candy blue and orange. As the sun makes it way toward the vast open Pacific, cars, bikes, buildings, cliffs and plants sparkle and shine. Even the multitude of surfers bobbing and riding the crest of every wave look as if they’re on a film set. The ride along the coast was perfect, fitted with our new silky smooth cogs and chains, and brand new helmet-mounted rear view mirrors. Trusty and Steed joined the West coast party, cruising effortlessly along the ocean boulevard without a hiccup. Which is more than could be said for Margaret and Audrey, who were their usual unhelpful selves. Margaret got so hot under the collar, she ‘turned’; herself off in a tantrum.

As we overdosed on the scenic beauty, we temporarily stopped at a red light and were joined by a cycling couple, Carrie and Jordan! As Anthony and Jordan cycled ahead chatting about fast cars and Top Gear, Kat and Carrie were behind cycling abreast (or four) having a great time. Riding the last 10 miles into Carlsbad with Carrie & Jordan was great; hopefully we’ll meet up with them again in Laguna Beach tomorrow.

Arriving at the Bed & Breakfast the owner recommended we make a visit to Vera Cruz Fish Market for dinner. OMG! Have you ever been to a restaurant that doesn’t have a deep fat fryer and doesn’t serve any fried food? Well, we now have and we loved it. All the fish is simply grilled and served with a selection of sides (no fries/chips). We inhaled the food and lovely bottle of house wine.

We met lots of happy people cycling today, and are looking forward to more California cycling tomorrow.

Us x

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