Sunday 14 March 2010

Phoenix Nights

We had a great rest day today in Scottsdale, AZ. It feels like we have finally cycled into the weather that we had been hoping for throughout our trip. Today was in the 70s…perfect for brunch outside, a quick wander around, a dip in the pool and the usual rest day activities (laundry, route planning, admin etc). Sounds like a typical Sunday, right? Well, it would be if we weren’t still completely exhausted, but we’re getting there.

Scottsdale seems like a wonderful place to live: never that cold, dry heat when it’s hot (and we believe that it does get ridiculously hot here). Also, full of cycle paths, bike trails, parks and outdoor activities, with stunning backdrops, plus plenty of quality restaurants and stores. We had a fantastic but reasonably priced fine dining restaurant right next to the hotel; and we’re now a big fan of Fry’s, a chain of supermarkets which is new to us, but which serviced our every need while we were here.

Tomorrow, we cycle 65 miles through Phoenix and out to the small town of Wickenburg. We’re focused on how close we are to the Pacific Coast now, and are hoping for some nice weather and some relatively easy riding to help us to continue to recover from some of the recent challenges. The forecast is “Scorchio” for the whole week, so for once we are hoping that the weather guys and gals have got it right.

Us x

P.S. Title chosen specially for Susie Bean, since we know it’s her favourite comedy show.

P.P.S. Well done Lewis Hamilton.

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