Tuesday, 9 March 2010


As soon as we crossed into Arizona state, we sensed an air of wealth and sophistication about the place. Clifton, Safford, Bisbee, and now Tucson (notice we have excluded Willcox, which was total shite) all felt refreshingly different. It’s difficult to describe but, much like when crossing the Brooklyn or Severn bridges, there is the undeniable feeling that you have left one environment and entered into a very different one …think of Osmosis! The bridge/state line being the semi permeable membrane and you/we being the ‘energised’ solvent … who would have thought that south east Arizona is a hot bed for hippies, thespians, students of life, bohemians and cool 40 somethings!

Excited at the prospect of staying in Tucson for a few days, we woke up this morning after having a great night’s sleep at the Sonoita Inn (big shout to Alfred the day manager who made our stay perfect), had breakfast by the open fireplace then set out for the 57-mile trip. The first 50 miles were perfect, bar a few violent 23mph gusts (too many cowboy beans last night); the last 7 miles were spent cycling square into the wind, with sheets of freezing rain cutting into every piece of exposed skin.

Arriving at the Peppertrees Inn B&B and meeting with Jill (a joint owner) we were overjoyed to be staying 3 nights at this most wonderful place. After a quick wash and brush up, we took Jill’s recommendation and ate a restaurant called the B-Line; it was great and full of sooo-phisticats.

Before we go we’d like to say a big ‘hiya’ to MG&T, Pat and SB

Us x

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  1. Just read about your challenge! As this is MS Awareness Month in the US, I wanted to pass along my personal best wishes to you both on this mammoth challenge.

    Not least that I am happen to be a fellow Brit and the director of national volunteer services with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America here.


    Malcolm Friend