Thursday, 25 March 2010

Welcome Home Boys…

We had a fantastic surprise today: Trusty & Steed were ready…over a day early! Yes, we had been in our new hotel for an hour or so this afternoon when the phone chirruped, and it was Greg from the bike shop saying that the boys were ready to come home…yay. We had missed those little critters…

We were down there within the hour, overjoyed to see how well they looked, particularly splendid with their new Ultegra bits, and gleaming in the sun. Greg had done a really fantastic job and spent quite some time talking to us about what he had changed/added and giving us tips for maintaining the bikes going forward. A massive thank you to Greg and to Adams Avenue Bicycles in Hillcrest!!

We then popped into Cal Coast Cycles just along to road to pick up some lube not stocked by Adams (Aaron – nice talking with you), and revelled in the ease with which we shifted between the gears as we steered Trusty & Steed back to our hotel, near Balboa Park at the other end of Hillcrest.

This evening, we went out for a slap up meal to celebrate in a great restaurant called Avenue 5, just around 4 or 5 blocks from our hotel: a really classy yet unpretentious joint with fabulous food and wine. Yummy.

Tomorrow, we are thinking that we might take the boys out for a trial run along one of the bike paths and perhaps a spin around the park. We’ve started booking our accommodation now for the West coast on the basis that we will push on out of here on Sunday.

Us x

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  1. Congratulations on reaching the Pacific Coast. We were so pleased to learn that you linked up with Robert /Bob. We hope you get to see Janet too.Bridget is happy too - we print out the blogs for her as you know she is not yet in the 21st century -as she said herself. She was thrilled to get her birthday card. Glad to hear the boys are reinvigorated! LOL the Groveenders

  2. I've loved following your blog since your stop in Rosemary Beach, FL. So glad you made it to San Diego in one piece! There are so many amazing things to see in SD. Where you are staying is gorgeous. Some other fun places to see are Coronado Island (although it has a huge bridge to get to it), the La Jolla area & Seaport Village near the marina in downtown San Diego. Enjoy your rest. I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey.