Wednesday, 31 March 2010

City of Angels

Still bruised from yesterday’s mammoth fight we woke up this morning surprisingly calm but of the mind to cycle to LA, where Anthony would stay with his friends Pat & Chava and Kat would stay in a hotel to create some space for us both to consider our options. However, as the day progressed and we made our way up the Pacific Coast Highway through Emerald Bay, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and Venice Beach and then into Santa Monica we were positively affected by the beautiful experience (your name would have to be Victor Meldrew not to be on cloud nine). Also, our battle against a fierce headwind most of the way, which whipped up sandstorms as we made our way along the beach paths, created a certain “wartime spirit”, pitting us as a team against the elements! Arriving at Santa Monica around sunset, we decided that we could probably manage to stay in the same house without killing each other so, after a quick phone call, Pat arrived in his FJ Cruiser to collect us and our trusty steeds and transport us to his Pop Star mansion perched on the side of the Hollywood Hills. With great views across LA, we ate in-house and had a great evening.

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