Monday, 8 March 2010

Bye, Bye Bisbee

(Apologise for the delay. Limited Internet last night)

We were slightly dismayed by the “Local on the 8s” forecast on The Weather Channel last night: 1-2 inches of snow overnight for Bisbee. We went South to avoid that! But, despite the winter weather advisory, by the time we hit the road this morning, it was fine. A little chilly, but we can cope with that. We waved a fond farewell to Bisbee (we loved that place, especially our hotel, Letson Loft – thanks Jami!), and were on our way.

It was fun descending the massive hill that we had climbed in the dark two days ago…especially in the light. Our problem today was the wind: sound familiar? Well, when we rode into Bisbee on Saturday, we were travelling South and the wind was blowing from the South, or South East. On the way out of Bisbee, we were travelling North, and then West/North West. So, where was the wind coming from today? Yes, people, you know the answer to that. And it was blowing at 20 – 30 mph, with even stronger gusts. When will it ever let up?

Still, it was a much shorter ride today; just a 55-mile hop into Arizona wine country, and the town of Sonoita. Taking it steadily, and weathering the odd shower along the way, we tried not to fight too hard against the wind, and found that we pulled into the hotel car park in fairly good shape and at a respectable time. We were looking forward to our arrival all day, as we knew that there was a great restaurant next to our hotel where we could have a decent steak and sample some of the local red. We weren’t disappointed.

Soon after sitting down in “Steak Out”, we found that the chef, Vince, was English (though he has been in Arizona for around 30 years). So, as well as a fantastic steak and a great bottle of wine from the area, we had a really entertaining evening chatting with Vince, and his other half, Toni, who was our server for the night (they run the restaurant between them.) We were also treated to a bowl of Toni’s special dessert, a type of frozen “mudslide” on top of crushed Oreos….yummy.

We’re off to Tucson tomorrow, where we will try to ensure that Trusty & Steed, who have been suffering a bit recently, get some TLC before we are on our way again. Bless them.

Us x

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