Monday, 15 March 2010

The Twilight Zone

Here’s something strange! Arizona is in the US Mountain Time zone; to the west, California is in the Pacific Time zone; and to the east, Texas is in the US Central Time zone. So when the whole of the US adjusted their clocks on Saturday (one hour ahead for daylight savings time), one would think that Arizona would do the same? Well strange as it may seem, it didn’t. We are now officially in the ‘twilight zone’ and we’re being very careful not to watch too much TV in case our facial features disappear …cue spooky music!

Today’s curiously spooky ride must have been a result of the ‘twilight zone’. It was without doubt one of the clearest and hottest cycling days we have experienced to date; not a single wisp of white in the sky could be seen for miles around. All about us had a brilliant sheen; it was so bright you had to wear sunglasses to look at the shade! But, we’re not complaining. Scottsdale is so clean and pretty it definitely makes our top 3 list of places you would want to live in America. Our first 20 miles were played out along the most beautiful dedicated cycle path that hugged the banks of the Arizona Canal. Coming off the canal path we passed through Youngtown? Which is strange because as far as we could see 90% of the population consisted of very senior citizens driving around in their pimped out golf buggies; and then through Sun City, which did exactly what it said on the tin. The trees chosen to line the roadside weren’t your standard oak, ash or beech; but instead orange, lemon and palm.

Halfway through the day, everything was looking peachy, especially after we ate lunch at Appleby’s and experimented with a new rehydration method …2 pints of Stella! Carefully remounting, we set off again in the desert temperatures, being careful to stay close to the edge of the hard shoulder farthest from the traffic lanes! This we think was our undoing. One usually finds the most flotsam and jetsam (from the ships of the road) on this side of the hard shoulder, and soon afterward, as the sun was setting and we were just 15 miles outside of our final resting place in Wickenburg, that dreadful sound of pressurized air escaping from a small tight hole came upon us. After closer investigation we realised Anthony had experienced another tyre failure. Fortunately with one spare tyre left the problem was quickly fixed and we upped our pace to reach our Hotel as soon as possible to avoid another terrifying night cycle. We got to the hotel at 7pm (just a little night cycling but nothing too hairy), freshened up and went out to eat some lovely Mexican food …again.

Happy 12th Birthday Joseph (Anthony’s son), we love you Little Fella.

Us x

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