Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Clever

What to do on Boxing Day? Always a tricky decision with many options on offer. Apparently, 90% of the population of Florida decided to visit the shops at Coconut Point. The car parks were bursting at the seams and the restaurants were buzzing. Yes, despite the exotic sounding name, we have in fact been staying on the edge of a large but perfectly formed shopping mall. A perfect day, we thought, to get away from the crowds by cycling 5 miles to do some laundry. Apparently not… The other 10% were washing their duvets and scrapping over who got to the change machine first. No problem: we’re pros when it comes to laundromats!!

So, with the event of the day completed, we sidled over to one of the nearby restaurants just in time for happy hour, which was a very fortunate coincidence. Fed and watered, we staggered back the hundred yards or so to the hotel, looking forward to an evening of accommodation booking and route planning. Unfortunately, some of the other guests in the hotel had a different idea, and managed to set off the fire alarm; possibly the loudest noise either of us have ever heard. Imagine having to leave our trusty steeds in the room as we filed outside? Painful. Around an hour later we were graciously let back in and given the opportunity for some further exercise for our legs as we climbed the 5 flights back up to our room.

All in all, what a day of excitement…

Back on the bikes tomorrow as we make our way further up the Gulf Coast to a place called Punta Gorda.

Us x

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