Thursday 3 December 2009

Hair today, gone … on Saturday

Apparently Tiger Woods has made his millions based on his kind nature and the image he portrays as being a very nice family person. Nothing to do with how brilliant he is at playing golf you understand! This is just one of the many ridiculous theories one hears when one stays in to watch the bastions of US impartial television; News Channels! After 30 minutes of viewing comic book news stories, Kat could take no more and decided to go out and have her hair and eyebrows refashioned. 2 hours later the door to the hotel room opened to a fanfare, soft focus, slow motion and a gentle stream of L'Oréal air, because she’s worth it!

A day and half to go before Trusty and Steed hit the tarmac again, Anthony opted to stay in and plan the 81 miles to St Simon, a great beach side resort in the south of Georgia. Leaving Saturday at 7am to complete 81 miles after 6 days of rest may seem a little adventurous, but coupled with the excitement of being in Florida on Sunday, doing 81 miles straight off the bench is an effort worth making.

Maps, hair and eyebrows complete, we headed out for a stroll along the riverside for a spot of lunch. Soon after, we were back in the Hotel to chill-out before going out again for Thai Food.

… feeling fat, need exercise.

Us x

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  1. Kat

    Need to see photo of new hair do - without helmet over the top. Not sure how much your eyebrows can have changed, after all, you were not exactly Susan Boyle to begin with. Presume that Anthony didn't have the time or energy for his usual BSAC, maybe you could do it for him?