Monday, 7 December 2009

Quelle est votre histoire?

Today we cycled to St Augustine, apparently the earliest settlement in America. Although, before we left Fernandina Beach this morning, we were told that in fact Fernandina Beach was supposed to have been an even earlier settlement than St Augustine. Who knows what to believe? Anyway, having now read up on the area, we found that the Spanish landed in St Augustine in 1565, only to find that the French were already here…isn’t that just always the way? Anyway, the Spanish fought and defeated the French, and took over St Augustine. But we have to admit that the idea of steak au poivre trumped thoughts of chorizo and tortilla. We ate FRENCH tonight. Yes, we dined at a wonderful little place called Bistro de Leon, where Anthony was www-wowed by the Tarte au Citron (the only dessert he will ever order). A big MERCI to Rachael for securing the last piece…and sorry to the couple of the next table who had their beady little eyes on it as well! Oh yes, and another thank you to Noel and Jessica in the gallery for your excellent restaurant recommendation.

Truth be known, we had a bit of a late start to the day. However, we eventually rolled out of Fernandina and skirted down the outside of Amelia Island. Riding at a good clip over the mile long bridge to the beautiful nature reserves of Big Talbot Island and then Little Talbot Island, we made it to the ferry over St John’s River with just 2 minutes to spare. That’s what you call extremely good planning, or exceedingly lucky…we’ll leave you to judge. After that, life really was a beach. We got a taste today, we think, of what our time in Florida is going to be like. Beach, merging into beach, merging into golf course, then huge mansions, then nature reserve, then beach again. What’s not to love? Shame that it was horribly overcast and showery today, but we guess you can’t have it all. And with an average speed of 15.6 mph, our fastest to date, we were happy with our 63-mile stint today.

So, tomorrow, we set off for…another beach. But this time we only have around 47 miles to go, and then we have a day’s rest. Phew.

Us x


  1. Dear Ant & Kat

    Glad that Antoine got his just dessert with a morceau of his favourite sour French tart. On the main course (or should I say entree) I find it hard to believe that anything can trump the mighty spicy Spanish sausage for you two, I will have to work on a new MG signature dish for your return. Weather here has turned cold and continues to be very wet so can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear of your days in the sunshine state, we're so happy for you both, please do write more and more about endless beaches, sunshine, freedom, etc. It is so uplifting. For any Americans reading, the above is British sarcasm in an understated styley.

    Big lurve & kisses
    MG & T xxx

  2. Great stuff guys. Working like crazy from 07.00 to 19.00 here in Blighty in the pi55ing rain. Please send more details of sun and rest days...