Wednesday 16 December 2009

Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade is an awesome basketball player who plays for a team called Miami Heat. In England our sports team names are often composed of two simple and uninteresting parts, one describing where the team is from e.g. Sheffield, Manchester, Wolverhampton and the second often appended in the shape of United, City or Wanderers. In the US it’s much more exciting. Not limited to a handful of choices such as united, city, wanderers etc. they’re much more creative with names like Bulls, Lakers, Celtics, Nicks, Mets, Heat, Mavericks, Hornets, Spurs, Rockets, Nuggets… the list goes on. So an Englishman should be forgiven for thinking that this vast array of team name appendages could have been randomly thought up by some sports aficionado. After 10 years of wondering why Miami chose to add the word ‘HEAT’ to their name, we finally have the answer. It was an unbelievably “scorchio” day today. It was so hot even the restaurants along Lincoln Avenue had fans on the sidewalk/pavement circulating cold air; Hotels along Ocean Drive were pumping out fine mists of freezing water to cool passers-by and Anthony could feel his skin cooking after a short 3 block walk…TAXI!

Despite the heat, we managed to have a very productive day purchasing a few essential clothing items, servicing the bikes (thank you Jack Ruiz of Miami Beach Bicycle Center), and designing a batch of business cards to distribute to all the people interested in our trip.

Tomorrow we begin again… 75 miles into Key Largo!

Us x


  1. K & A

    I'm a bit confused, I used to work with someone called Dave Wayne, is it the same person, I didn't think that he was a sports superstar.

    For anyone who doesn't know, Friday 18th Dec is Anthony's 100th birthday, hurrah, please send lots of money. Dahling, I have sent you an email, please read at your leisure, I hope you will be having a rest day.

    Lots of lurve
    MG & T xxx

  2. PS have you got new cycling shoes
    pps WELL DONE on the business cards
    PPPS Sade "Smooth Pperator" lyrics just came to my mind:
    "coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male
    across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale"
    what can it mean???
    pppps nothing, other than a scary 80s flashback

  3. Thank you MG & T for your lurvely words and birthday wishes! A word to those who may not know MG & T: when they politely suggest that something is done, its best to comply... just ask the 3000 people who work for them!!!

    Us x