Tuesday 8 December 2009

A Room with a View

Leaving St Augustine at 11am (woke up later than usual and spent too long eating breakfast) we decided that today would be a relaxing cruise down to Ormond Beach, a 47-mile stretch of dead straight road. Words cannot describe the beauty to our left (Ocean upon Ocean) , even if we tried you’d be bored reading how great it was.

It is the end of 4 consecutive days of cycling! Feeling very pleased with ourselves completing a total of 269 miles and burning 19,685 calories, we averaged 14 mph and are now ready for our rest day tomorrow. OK, we only cycled 47 miles today, but when all 47 miles were into a constant head wind it’s hard going finding time to enjoy the route, scenery, road surface, cycle-lane, atmospheric conditions … and the two pints of Stella Artois and Chicken cordon bleu’s sandwiches we consumed for lunch in the Golden Lion; a ‘surfer shack’ located right on the beach. Quick bit of advice: don’t drink two pints of Stella when you still have 15 miles of cycling to go!

Arriving at our hotel windswept and tired; and after explaining the Epic Journey to all members of the very nice staff, we grabbed the keys and settled down in our room with a view, took photos and read the comments on the blog….an apology is due! Please forgive us for our momentary lapse in common sense. The chorizo sausage is and always will be by far a superior gastronomic experience than the Steak au Poivre. Many of you out there may not appreciate the versatility of the chorizo, so let us tell you that when in the capable hands of MG, you will not witness a pleasure more satisfying … than her famous chorizo and chicken extravaganza. In light of yesterday’s blasphemous words we decided to make amends and eat at Casa Antonio this evening aka ‘we cooked in tonight’, paying homage to the chorizo. Blended with a fine array of cavatelli, broccoli, garlic, onions, chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil and some vino, we cooked up a fabulous dinner and ate on the balcony of Casa Antonio with an unbounded view of the Atlantic Ocean (see photos).

Before signing off tonight, we would like to thank everyone who has donated and we hope our daily reports of fun times and positive karma supports the belief that “life can be so nice, a wonderful world, sweet paradise.”

Peace Dudes and Dudettes ...Us x

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