Wednesday 2 December 2009

Cabin Fever

We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do. We’re busy doing nothing, isn’t it just a crime? We’d like to be unhappy, but we never do have the time.

Yes, it was one of those rainy days where time was best spent mooching around indoors. After several hours of rescheduling routes and stops, and booking future accommodation, with just a dash of Google Earth route planning, we were ready for a bit of trash TV (Savannah is so lovely, it has had us out and about in the sunshine, and we were obviously getting withdrawal symptoms). We were a little worried when the emergency tornado warning was broadcast in the middle of a Law & Order SVU. Well, at the time, we were most concerned that we had missed a vital piece of the storyline. But seriously, for our area it was only actually a “serious tropical storm”, and it seems to have blown over, chopsticks crossed (Thai take-out for dinner). So, back to a bit of NCIS….

Us x


  1. Daaaahlings

    Sorry for radio silence but I too am travelling. Also must say hello to Squid, was astonished to see the message from the Rev G Southwell - how is the mission in South East Asia going? Say hello to the lovely N for me. I am passing your blog spot on again in the US and hoping for some great things in terms of fundraising, I keep trying! Can't wait for the next laundry report, the pants in the washer go round & round, round & round, round & round, the pants in the washer go round & round all day long...I'm home again tomorrow night but only after Tim and Richard have been out on the latest BNOS (Boys Night of Shame). Let's see who gets home first....

    Have fun
    Love & kisses

  2. Kat and Ant I have just got in and I have got strainght on the computer. I have browsed your photo's and you both look so amazing. I am very pleased to see at least a beach picture. I still cant believe that you are away. 8 states completed I last read. There are so many followers I have counted 21. I will be in touch more often and keep up the photo's.