Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Quick Hello

Not very much to talk about today! We did some laundry… duh, completed some paper work and started to review the southern tier route through Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico etc.

A very relaxing day! We even had time to read a few chapters of our newly purchased books.



  1. A moments lapse in reason? Paper work? You might as well peddle your saddle shredded, leathery arses back to the Smoke and face Christmas, Oxford St. mayhem and T.Square's gaudy lights, if you're going to be taking paperwork along for the ride!

    Good to see you're still at it and enjoying the ride.

    Ciao darlings...

  2. is that you Squid?
    Problem is my friend, paperwork has morphed into electronic bits and bytes that will find you where ever you are. Resistance is futile!