Friday, 25 December 2009

Coconuts roasting on an open fire!

Today has been a day of “… wow we’ve never done that before at Christmas!” This morning there was no delicious smell of the Christmas Ham being boiled with whole cloves, no Christmas tree lights or the sound of our parents cranking up the radio at 5am to the tune of the Christmas Carols sung by the church choir. No freezing weather or the excitement of walking downstairs into the living room with the open fireplace and piles of presents loaded under the Christmas tree. No skiing in the French Alps with our dearest friends and of course no spending time with Anthony’s son Joseph, who is brilliant.

Accepting that the vast majority of familiar Christmas themes we had become accustomed to since the age of 4 years old would not be with us this morning, we embraced what Coconut Point had to offer. Our first voyage into the unknown was sitting in the communal breakfast room eating Bran Flakes with all the other Hotel guests who were for some reason dressed in their pyjamas! Not fazed by our momentary entry into the Twilight Zone, we continued to our next new Christmas experience. Dressed in our shorts and teeny tiny vests we took a stroll in the searing heat to see the sights. Unfortunately all the shops and bars were shut, the only establishment open for business was the cinema. Thinking we needed to do at least one more “… we’ve never done that before at Christmas”, we bought two tickets to see AVATAR at 6:30pm. Yes that’s right folks! We went to the cinema on Christmas day! We liked the film … 6 out of 10.

Fyi our festive food for the day was: chilli bowl and mini pizza for lunch, popcorn, wine, one gallon of coke, Caesar salad and an omelette for dinner.

Not much more to say, apart from MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, and thanks for all the cards and presents.

Us x

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  1. Hi. Just to say thank you for the safari gift. Had to resort to reading the instructions but now fully assembled. L has had a look but not quite old enough yet - but Mummy enjoying it! Thank you. Was lovely to hear you yesterday.Glad the fim was goodish. Hope the mall open today. You should try some egg nog - I used to like that. LOL SB xx ps maybe you should describe Coconut Palm for your dear readers??!!