Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Food Glorious Food

Give us an “R”, give us an “E”, give us an “S”, give us a “T”, give us a “D”, give us an “A”, give us a “Y”. What have you got? Laundry time… Well, we didn’t spend all day doing laundry, but we couldn’t resist putting a few things in the machine. We also looked for some odour spray for Kat’s foxy shoes (not the usual foxy shoes she wears), but to no avail… we may have to follow MG’s advice on that.

We also managed to take the bikes in for a little TLC at a local bike shop, and to do a few other bits and pieces. Best of all today, we went for lunch at the Tides hotel/restaurant, Anthony’s long-time favourite place in Miami (he’s been a fan ever since his first visit many years ago). Tides is one of the original art deco hotels in Miami, located on Ocean Drive with its own natural sea breeze, it is a beautiful and classy example of enduring elegance with a modern touch. We had some fantastic food, washed down with a few glasses of quality Prosecco, and had a wonderful time chatting with our servers, Nathan and Tiffany.

To continue the food theme, tonight we dined at the restaurant underneath our hotel, which turned out to be an absolute gem. Food just like Nobu (no kidding) but at a fraction of the price, with professional and attentive service and a lovely chilled atmosphere (not to mention the minimal travel time for us – perfect for Kat with her “other” foxy shoes on).

Us x

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