Wednesday, 23 December 2009

“Yes We like Pina Coladas”

Strange as it may seem we’re actually missing England! With all this talk about Michael Schumacher starting the 2010 F1 season on March 14th and snow in London, we’re feeling slightly left out. We can’t remember the last time we saw inches of the fluffy white stuff coating the historic streets of London Town or The Germans going head to head with the Brits in the ultimate tarmac terror show down. I suppose we’ll just have to be content with staying here in Florida, swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and sipping our Pina Coladas whilst watching the sea glow a dusky shade of candy red and the sky casting its vast cloak of crimson red as the sunset dissolves its colour into everything around us.

The start this morning from Ft Myers Beach to Marco Island was truly surreal. We honestly felt as though our Epic Journey had just started and the 2000+ miles we had completed from New York to Key West was but a distant memory. Excited by all the great and new experiences that lie ahead in the 2,750 miles to San Diego, we set off to Marco Island along some wonderful stretches of road with very little traffic. Despite the wind yet again not helping our course and blowing in every direction apart from behind, we still managed to enjoy the non-stop 48 miles averaging 14.5 mph. The sun was bright and not too hot, the scenery was … well, have any of you been to Naples, Florida? More specifically, 5th Avenue. If not, the best way to describe 5th Avenue Naples, Florida is “Money Money Money Mo…ney, MONEY!” “Holy Egg McMuffin” people! We thought the world was in recession … obviously not here.

Swiftly moving through the capital of money we soon crossed the bridge into Marco Island arriving at our hotel feeling surprisingly fresh and energetic. After checking into our room we couldn’t resist the calling of the white sandy beach and tranquil sea just 60 meters from our room. So, kitted out in our swim gear, we left our room, walked down the corridor, called the elevator and hit *L. Walking through the lobby to the pool area, stopping briefly at the poolside bar to collect the necessary alcoholic beverages we made our way to the beach and jumped into the refreshing sea….ahhh!

Evening dinner was lovely on the deck of the hotel restaurant, an end to a perfect day. No! Actually Kat practicing her Python handling skills in preparation for alligator eating monsters patrolling the Everglades was the end to a perfect day… thanks pdevereux for the heads up!

Us x

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  1. In the UK we seem to be incapable of clearing the roads, footpaths or carparks a week after the worst of the snow fell. It has been so icy it was impossible to walk (let alone push a pram) for a week now so I am not feeling quite so sentimental about snow in dear ol' blighty! A dip in the ocean and a pina colada watching the sun go down sounds like a blooming good option to me right now! Have fun. Watch out for the pythons - sounds scary! LOL SB xx PS I am making mince pies at the moment so maybe that is a bit Christmassy!