Saturday, 12 December 2009

Rough as a Badger’s *rse

Who remembers the first bottle of wine they ever bought? Yes, it will have been for a house party, or perhaps to drink before going to some youth club, and almost certainly you will have memorised your fake date of birth before entering the shop (or persuaded someone else to buy it for you). So, to imagine the quality of today’s road surface, look back on the pedigree of that first bottle of wine. Yep, you’ve got it, R.O.U.G.H. Perhaps the roughest stretch of road we have encountered so far on the trip.

And did we mention the headwinds of 15 – 20 mph blowing North as we went consistently South… felt like we were testing out our aerodynamic qualities in a wind tunnel! Oh, and the fact that it rained on and off for pretty much the whole journey. By the end of the 75-mile ride, our joints felt like they had been wrung through a mangle backwards, and we won’t talk about Anthony’s delicate bits…

The rain has not been kind to the gear either. Perhaps worse than the brrrrrr-click, brrrrrr-click of the chain, is the smell of the cycling shoes. It has been tough for both of us, but Kat’s shoes smell like a family of foxes has been using them as their lavatory for the last 2 weeks. Hmmm, fruity. A bit like the wine we mentioned in the first paragraph.

And now we have now made it as far as PALM BEACH. Surely some of you will have heard of that, and think that now we have gone far enough to want to reach into your pockets and donate some money to MS. Or maybe not. We’re realists.

Anyway… absolutely exhausted after having jammed in 473 miles this week (including last Saturday and today), we are ready for a rest day tomorrow. It’s a far cry from Gloria’s crib, where we were last night, but it has a comfortable bed, and a TV…

Us x


  1. Hi Beans
    Sounds like a tough day. Hopefully sunshine and the sea is just around the corner. You are doing brilliantly. I hope the sponsorship starts rolling in soon. Enjoy your rest day - you've earnt it!!
    LOL from us all xxx

  2. Dear Ant & Kat

    When the going gets tough, the tough get...yeah, whatever. Amuse yourself by working out whether you look most like Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Billy Ocean...or Danny de Vito. Sound like you need a good bath, rest and meal, oh, and maybe new cycling shoes. I am sending you fund raising advice separately to be read when you are back on your perches again. Keep on going.

    Big love from both of us
    MG & T xxx

  3. Hi Ant and Kat-
    My name is Vikki. Maureen turned me onto your site as she knows my husband and I are avid cyclists as well. (We both work at Ford she was in Michigan for negotiations) I'm going to forward your info to our friends too. Do you have a loose itinerary of when you are going to be certain areas? It looks like you take a route that we've done many times in Michigan. Let me know best way to 'chat' more with you. (