Friday 11 December 2009

The rhythm is gonna get ya…tonight

As mentioned in the previous blog post, yesterday was a bit ‘Hit & Miss!’ The weather was appalling but the road surface and hard shoulder were both outstanding. Today started well with early morning stretching exercises, long hot steaming showers, panniers packed to military standard, sun block applied (pointless exercise for Anthony…see addendum), butt butter massaged into crotches and dressed in tight fitting bike gear; breakfast was soon to be the icing on the cake of a perfect morning. Unfortunately when Cindy the housekeeper presented breakfast (which was very nice) and asked “Would you both like coulrophobia with your eggs?” it was difficult to concentrate on eating when Chucky and all his waxwork friends were inanimately staring at you one minute and the next minute forming human pyramids. No kidding guys, the proprietor had clearly designed the Hotel to be a perfect place for filming “Childs Play 7”.

Finally, we escaped the surreal horror movie set and were on the road by 10am. The ride was fast, flat and fairly windy. We managed to complete the 72 miles in 4h 39mins and enjoyed some wonderful scenery all along the way. In truth Florida is pretty same-y, just mile upon mile of Palm tree lined streets. On one side, immaculate mansion houses nestled in their own ring fenced islands of paradise; and on the other side, the Atlantic Ocean endlessly caressing the shore line just 10 feet away from you… nothing special! You’ll be pleased to know that we survived this scenic torture, arriving at Gloria Estefan’s hotel, ‘Costa d’Este’ where the concierge reminded us that Friday night is party night and the resident DJ plays bangin’ tunes till 1am, he was sure the rhythm was gonna get us tonight. Unfortunately, we weren’t feeling the Miami Sound Machine tonight so retired to our room watching NCIS, House, Law & Order, White Collar and The Closer… good times!

Us x


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