Friday, 4 December 2009

You Spin us right round baby…

Following on from the success of the McAdam appellation controlee for road surface quality, and the Moss scale for shoulder width, we have an important new standard to introduce to our followers: the Squeaky Clean Laundromat (SCL) rating. As MG so accurately predicted, the pants in the wash went round and round today. And how excited were we to find Spin City, sales concept: “a new spin on laundry”? Passing by a number of huge mansions on the way out of downtown Savannah, we suddenly found ourselves confronted by a huge Laundromat with hundreds of machines of different sizes and programs, various driers, a pressing room, a mini-store selling sodas and snacks, some flat screen TVs and….wait for it…a GAMES ROOM? Yes, Kat was beside herself with excitement to see both Galaga and Ms Pacman on offer for just a quarter a pop; and for Anthony’s amusement a driving game with a hummer navigating the streets of Vegas. Dudes… a clear 5 SCL rating for this puppy.

But laundry is not all that we did today (and you thought that the day could not get any more exciting). After a leisurely start this morning, we ambled down to have an early lunch at Mrs Wilkes, which we were reliably informed was the place to go for the best Southern cooking in Savannah. By the length of the line outside the place when we arrived 10 minutes before opening, we had the feeling that we were in for a treat. Mrs ‘ the real deal’ Wilkes (Paula Dean read and weep) is something of a Savannah tradition, and caters for a mixture of locals on their lunch hour, as well as tourists and other hungry folk. It is a “family style” set up, where you take a seat on a table with around 8 other people, then tuck into a table groaning under the weight of all manner of Southern culinary delights: crispy fried chicken, collard greens, BBQ pork, black-eyed beans, okra stew, corn bread etc etc … (we could go on and on) all freshly cooked and DELICIOUS. We had a fun table of folk too from all over: North Carolina, Alabama, Indiana, Washington DC and Savannah itself, and a very convivial lunch.

Having successfully pointed our stomachs back in the direction of the hotel to find our room had been spotlessly cleaned by our lovely chamber maid, Cookie, we are now in the throes of packing and prepping for tomorrow’s ride, which could be a rainy one, from the looks of it (boo hiss). We’d love to stay another day, but that really might be overdoing it …

Us x

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  1. Where is the Saturday blog? Missing. That can only mean one thing, you are out on the razz - AGAIN. Either that or you were so over-loaded with the Southern fried delights that you over-slept and decided to stay for another day? News required.

    MG & T xxx