Monday, 21 December 2009

Ground Hog Day (the “Squeakquel”)

Those famed hogs of the ground we were acquainted with in Philly are upon us once again (metaphorically speaking anyway). Crazy as it may seem, we’re at a psychological turning point of our Epic Journey and feeling the same levels of anxiety as we did at the start of the trip in Manhattan (ground hog day). Cycling the Atlantic coast south of New York and reaching the southern most point of continental USA means that stage 1 of 5 is now complete. Stage 2 starts tomorrow and we’re just as anxious at the prospect of cycling the southern tier of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and finally into San Diego, California.

In anticipation of stage 2, yesterday and today have been truly relaxing, recharging, re-evaluating, reviewing, reassessing and reading days… we also took some pictures.

Key West is a wonderful place; a real party town full of bars, restaurants, clubs, loud Irish pubs, big yachts, sex shops, the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted and best of all 70% of the inhabitants of the downtown area get around on scooters or bicycles. We arrived Saturday 19th keen to execute our new daily budget plan for food and drink, but biting the bullet and getting a taxi the couple of miles into town! The cab driver provided a dinner recommendation for where we could eat well for a reasonable budget and consequently dropped us off at A&B restaurant, a beautiful place perched in a prime position in the marina and comprising of two floors offering very different gastronomic experiences. Making our way up to the 1st floor, with its impeccably laid tables complete with fine stemware and silver cutlery that sparkled like diamonds as it reflected the candle light cast from the modern yet stylish centre piece; we sat down and opened our menus. At this moment two things happened (1) as Kat order her pan-roasted Snapper on a bed of coconut cous cous and mild curried sauce, she had blown (exceeded) her daily budget on the one dish; and (2) clearly the cab driver was referring to the ground floor restaurant… but still the food was divine and well worth it!

Yesterday’s blog was very trim and we apologise for that. It was a very nice pleasant day seeing the sights on our bikes. Not much happened but we did manage to get back on track with the food budget and ordered from Taco Bell…muy agradable

So, on to today! A day of reading, riding and photo-taking. We also paid a return visit to A&B restaurant for lunch staying on the ground floor and ordering Crispy Fried Lobster Tail for Kat and Beer Battered Fish (Red Snapper) and Chips for Anthony. Having not had fried food for the most part whilst in Florida our brief foray back into “fried food” territory (remember South Carolina) has had an undesired effect….going to bed without dinner…just beers, chocolate and the all-new Closer on TNT.

Us x (still no wifi in room…don’t ask where we are right now)

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