Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas

We’ve gone 2000 miles

It’s very far

The snow is falling down

Gets colder day by day

We miss you.

We can hear people singing

It must be Christmas time…

Well, the snow is not falling here. In fact it’s quite warm, and today we were treated to a partial tail wind, as well as some lovely sunshine, as we made our way back up from the paradise that was Marco Island to the lovely Estero, just outside Bonita Springs, Florida.

But the rest is true.

No sign of a turkey or mince pie anywhere in the vicinity, but we’ll be very happy just to chill out for a couple of days.

Happy Christmas to you all, and thank you for your love and support.

Us x


  1. Happy Christmas, Ant & Kat!

    Just managed to get onto Simon's computer at Mark & Hol's. Haven't caught up with all your exploits yet but will try to read surreptiously on my iPod during christmas dins. Mark, Hol & Simon send best wishes as do Colin, Carol & Nicky, also John and Fiona, Ferg & his family and basically everyone here who knows you. I am handing out your blog address so hopefully you will get some comments when people get back home. Have to go and be sociable now as I am being told off...bah, humbug. Hope you're having a lovely Christmas Day. We're all missing you and wish you were here in the kitchen at La Raie.

    Lots of love & kisses

  2. PS What's all this about tinsel wrapped around your helmet???

  3. MG...have you been sneaking into the bathroom to read your iTouch again?? If you have, don't stop, we love it!!! We knew you'd ask about Anthony's tinsel helmet. Just checking that you were paying attention. Hope snow is good, and say hello to Mark, Holly, Colin, Carol, John, Fiona and Ferg & Fam. Don't have too much stuffing, despite what Tim might say is good for you....
    Love you guys and miss you terribly.
    Us x