Wednesday 9 December 2009

Down on the Beach

Not much to report today. A very relaxing rest day in a location where we would quite happily spend a week or two if we had time in the schedule. Went for a stroll along the beach and laughed at the tiny little birds with their even tinier legs that move impossibly quickly as the waves come in and they just manage to stay in front of them by millimetres. Isn’t nature wonderful? Also sat by the pool for a while reading our books, and eating hot dogs from the “cook off” that the resort laid on, before turning to the usual: laundry, route upload, packing etc… and ate at Chez Antoine again ... no chorizo tonight! Managed to avoid a meeting with a lady selling timeshares in the building, though we can’t honestly say that we weren’t tempted.

It was hot and lovely today (see photos)

Us x

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  1. Yo, given the reference to the tiny legs, were they Bremner birds by any chance?