Thursday, 10 December 2009

Shuttle Runs

Remember those shuttle runs that you used to have to do in PE at school (or football/hockey training etc for all those who have suffered through those)? Well, yesterday (Thursday) seemed a bit like that...tedious, and increasingly painful.

As we set off, it was a little overcast. Then literally a few miles in, the heavens opened. The forecast having said something quite different, our wet weather gear guessed it, in the bottom of our panniers, so that everything else in the panniers got wet as we scrambled around desperately pulling out stuff to try to find it. Then, to top it off, with wet brakes and skiddy roads, Kat managed to skid and go for a tumble (luckily with nothing else around on the road). But don't worry - she's fine. Ah, the joys of Florida in December (supposedly the driest month of the year)!

So, last night we stayed in the weirdest place. It was right opposite the Kennedy Space Centre, and its claim to fame is that you can see the shuttle launches from its balcony. Its other claim to fame is that it is cluttered with about 5 houses worth of furniture, all of which is for sale!! Yes, this morning as we left, there were people wandering around looking at price tags. We nervously checked our bikes, which we had left in the bar area, and decided not to linger over breakfast for too long in fear of our foreheads being stuck with a price label.

For more on today, check out today's blog (soon to be posted)... Apologies for the late posting of yesterday's blog, which was due to there being no internet access at the weird place last night...perhaps they had sold that already.

Us x

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