Sunday, 11 July 2010

10,000 Lakes, 10 Gazillion Mosquitoes

You got it! We’re in sunny Minnesota, the land of the lakes. Unfortunately, there was no “Welcome to Minnesota” sign on our 60-mile ride from Fargo, ND to Detroit Lakes, MN today, but we did meet a very friendly cyclist called Paul shortly after we crossed the border, who cycled with us for a while, and certainly made us feel very welcome!

It was a little cooler today than it has been of late, for which we were very grateful. Still, to make up for that, the cycling gods decreed that the road surface would be bumpy, and we would have a 10-20 mph cross wind for most of the trip. They also gave Anthony a flat tyre just as we stopped for a break in Cormorant around 45 miles into the trip. But you can’t have it all. We enjoyed the scenery, and the peace and quiet of being away from the interstate, so we can’t complain.

Detroit Lakes is also a happening little place. It seems to us a bit like the Hamptons of Minneapolis, where people have weekend and vacation homes, and a lot of water skiing, eating, drinking and general lounging around takes place. We met a couple of great people tonight: thanks to Nick, the night manager at our hotel, for driving us to a nearby restaurant that we wanted to try; and Rachel, our receptionist, for organising that. We walked the mile back to the hotel, trying to avoiding the 10 gazillion flying neighbours along the way (since no-one really knows how many of these pesky creatures exist, we feel it appropriate to use the Bush technical term).

Thanks also to Len, who we met while doing our laundry this evening, who furnished us with a pamphlet of Minnesota bike trails, which we will find very useful over the next few days.

Us x

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