Friday, 2 July 2010

Cowboy Country

Whoa! that was close, we nearly went to bed before writing the blog. It was so hot today we just stayed in our air-conditioned room keeping cool. We couldn’t even find the energy to go out and play a round of crazy golf. So unfortunately there’s not much to speak about today, apart from we’re well relaxed and ready for ANOTHER 100+ mile ride into New Salem, ND tomorrow.

There was one interesting thing that happened today. Anthony started to shave his head with his cordless hair clippers when the battery unexpectedly ran out. Kat was hysterically laughing, as he sat on the edge of the bed with half a head of hair, waiting for the clippers to recharge.

Ooo …one more thing! We were shocked to hear ourselves having preliminary discussions about our plans for Xmas and the New Year …how time flies!

Us x

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  1. Just sent e-mail to allisoncarey ref Twin Cities. Hope it's helpful. LOL SB xx