Monday, 26 July 2010

The Best Blog in the World

We’ve noticed something about this area of Wisconsin. Everything has a claim to fame… apparently. We departed this morning from the Black Bear Capital of the World (Glidden), cycled through the Loon Capital (Mercer) and arrived 65 miles later in the Marly Capital of the World (Boulder Junction). What on earth next?

When Anthony started to limber up with some neck exercises about 20 miles into the ride, head to the left, head to the right…up, down, back, front, Kat wondered what he was up to. Then, as his line of vision switched from the left, to the right, to the left, to the right, rather like watching a game of tennis at Wimbledon, Kat realised he was scouting around for the black bears. We didn’t see any. Although, as Kat watched Anthony in his “Wesside” bandana, with matching vest top and super-stylish shades, and not an anorak or open-toe sandal in sight, she decided to declare Anthony “The Coolest Spotter in the World”. When in Rome ‘n all that.

So, tonight is our last night in Wisconsin, and we can’t quite believe it. We certainly haven’t eaten enough cheese. Michigan tomorrow.

Us x

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  1. You missed Norwalk (on the Elroy-Sparta trail), which is the black squirrel capital of the world. I guess this is advertising, these towns, and probably up there, used to be on the bustling rail line between Chicago and Minneapolis.

    Have you written any detailed reviews about the bikes you are riding? It seems like an impressive road test, and I was mainly interested in your thoughts on how the ride is on the aluminum frame, durability. Seems like you could get Specialized to contribute. I'm thinking of how BMW sponsored some bike rides to Baja, etc.