Sunday, 25 July 2010

Stage 181 – A sprinters stage

Waking up this morning after another great nights sleep at Matt & Holly’s, we were presented with a fabulous caramelised! breakfast and ‘The best gift ever’. Holly agreed to let us check out later than usual so that Anthony could watch the German Grand Prix on TV. So in between packing our panniers, stretching muscles, brushing our teeth and applying sun cream, we watched the Ferrari’s sprint away from the field and Lewis Hamilton put in a respectable 4thplace …thanks Holly, you made Anthony’s day.

Much like the F1 Ferraris in Hockenhiem, we had to execute a well-planned strategy in order to reach our finish line before the fuel ran out. It was 1:15pm when the red lights went out and we span our wheels away from Holly Berry, waving farewell in our rear view mirrors. It was scorching hot this afternoon and we had to cover the 52 miles to Glidden, WI before the only restaurant in the village closed its doors to service at 7pm. This meant today’s strategy was to cycle as fast as we could without overheating. Fortunately for us, the track surface was perfect, we had minimal traffic to negotiate and a very mild tailwind to push us along those long 10-mile straights. Up against the clock all day and thinking about the prospect of dealing with an ‘Angry Kat’ if we missed the final sitting in the restaurant, we set a hurried pace all the way into Glidden, stopping only twice for a 10 minute piss-stop. Miraculously, we made it to our hotel in under 4 hours of cycling/racing and had a great healthy dinner …just avoided a major katastrophe!

Missing yooooo all (said in an Upper Peninsular (“UP”) accent).

Us x

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