Monday, 12 July 2010

Rolling Hills & Languid Lakes

The Lake District National Park is a mountainous region in Cumbria, England made famous for its association with the early 19th century poetry and writings of Williams Wordsworth. With its geographical features formed as a result of periods of glaciation, ‘Scafell Pike’ is its highest point at 3,209ft and it has approximately 90 lakes covering an area of 900 square miles (however in typically English correctness, only one body of water ‘Bassenthwate Lake’ is officially named a lake. The name mere or water is usually given to a larger body of water, while tarn normally refers to a smaller one) …we all know how beautiful the Lake District is!

So you can image how tough it is for us to cycle through this 87,000 square mile region of lakes (many of which are more than 10 acres in size) and take photos to reflect the enormity of what we see. The best we could manage today was to take a picture of the lake seen from our hotel this morning and Silverton Lake, which we passed about halfway into our journey toward our destination in Park Rapids.

The trip to Park Rapids was only 41 miles, but the head wind and rolling hills made the ride a little more difficult than expected. We met so many lovely people on the trip, especially Krista who we met at a grocery store just 11 miles outside of Park Rapids. And would you believe that she attended college in Alnwick, Northumberland, England, which you’d be interested to learn has an historic medieval Castle featured as Hogworts in the Harry Potter films.

We quickly completed the remaining 11 miles and made it to C’Mon Inn before 5pm. After a quick search on the internet we located a fantastic place to eat, a mile’s walk away from the hotel. The Good Life CafĂ© was just what we needed, Stella on draught, breaded haddock, chips, malt vinegar, tartar sauce …just like the Lake District.

Missin’ y’all

Us x


  1. Hi Beans. Glad you are enjoying MN. You know what they say - the official MN state bird is the Loon - the unofficial one is the Mosquito! My tip of the day is if you actually see it biting you try not to kill it whilst it's in the process - those were always the ones that hurt me most!! LOL SB xxx

  2. Thanks SB!! "Try not to kill it whilst it's in the process"... Hmmm You can see why Kat was never that keen on playing "slaps" with her sister during childhood!! xx

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