Saturday, 10 July 2010

Last night in North Dakota!

It was hot today. Apart from Anthony spending a couple hours rotating the tyres on Trusty & Steed and giving them a general service, we stayed in our room for the most part. We’re staying in the very popular Radisson Hotel in the centre of Fargo. So popular in fact, 3 separate weddings are taking place here as we speak. Fortunately, the drunk ‘Always the bridesmaid and never the bride’ crowd seem to be a lot less boisterous than the drunk ‘Frat Boy’ crowd we met with in Portland, so we’re not expecting too many problems tonight!

We’re chillin’ out tonight watching the Miss Hooters International Pageant on TV after having dinner at the same restaurant we ate at last night. Thanks again to the staff for being so welcoming and a special thanks to Jessica for the advice on avoiding mosquito bites, and the “special potion”, which we will try out.

Us x

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