Saturday, 17 July 2010

10,000 miles in 176 days

It’s day 266 and we’ve cycled for 176 days. Finally today, in Milaca Minnesota we have passed the 10,000-mile mark. Gaining entrance into this exclusive 10,000-mile club was no mean feat today. Another 70 miles against gusting headwinds, soaking snowy hailstorms, high humidity and a scorching hot sun, we arrived at our hotel battered and exhausted.

Foolishly, we thought we’d experienced every type of weather system in one day and things couldn’t get anymore interesting. Just then, the town sirens sounded, warning everyone within a 10-mile radius to get inside and batten down the hatches. We were confined to our room as the biblical tornado passed through main street …gotta say it was pretty scary. Seeing trees bend over double and rain pummel everything in sight as if it came from a giant fireman’s hose (no pun intended) was evidence that we were in the thick of a large tornado.

To make matters worse, after not eating for over an hour, our only choice for dinner tonight was Pizza ‘crappy processed food that has no nutritional value, but just sits undigested in your stomach in a sickening lump that will just make you fat‘ Hut

… so tired, more tomorrow in Minneapolis.

Us x

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  1. Congratulations on 10,000 miles. Did the sky go a dark green colour too today (that's what I remember before the golfball size hail hammered down!)? Hopefully you can enjoy a bit of a rest in MSP. LOL SB xx